Stepping out of Your Dream

I heard some preaching a few months ago that really made me think. Brother Kinsey said that Joseph got himself INTO the pit when he spoke about "his" dream, but he got himself OUT OF the "pit" when he began helping others with "their" dream.  

 Big dreams come to fruition through small beginnings. 

God gives us more to handle when he sees we can handle what he has already given us. 

 The prophet Elisha helped Elijah for many years with his ministry. It says in the word that Elisha poured water on Elijah's hands. (2 Kings 3:11)  He followed hard after Elijah's ministry. How do I know this? 1 Kings 19:21 says he went after Elijah and served him. In 2 Kings 2:4 Elisha told Elijah that he wouldn't leave him. And 2 Kings 2:9 says he asked Elijah for a double portion of the Spirit that was upon him.  

Whose dream has God asked you to step into and help cultivate so it can grow? Is it your Pastor, an organization you're passionate about, missionaries your church supports?

Maybe you need to plant seeds by donating your time, prayers, or money. Maybe you can be a helping hand with things that need to be done like helping build a website, writing a blog, ministering to people. Pull yourself out of the pit of despair, discouragement, or place of uncertainty and go hard after someone else's dream to help God bring it to fruition. 

Every step, every prayer, every minute, every act of service will be blessed.  And before you know it, you will be out of the pit and at the palace, in the place God has called you to be!

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